2018 Event Tickets
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28th Annual Fundraiser Tickets and Sponsorships

Mule Deer Foundation – Central Coast Chapter

April 21, 2018
Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley
1350 N 1st St
San Jose, CA
Events begin at 3pm, Dinner at 5:30pm

BronzeSponsorCoin Bronze Sponsor Package – $250
$360 worth General Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets

SilverSponsorCoin Silver Sponsor Package – $350
$560 worth General Raffle Tickets
Three (3) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Silver Progressive Raffle Tickets

GoldSponsorCoin Gold Sponsor Package – $500
$880 worth General Raffle Tickets
Four (4) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets
Three (3) Silver Progressive Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Gold Progressive Raffle Tickets

firearm-donation Firearm Donation – $350
Your Firearm Donation provides the funds for
Central Coast MDF to acquire a quality firearm
to be raffled at this year’s Fundraiser Banquet. 

wine-donation Wine Donation – $50 
Your Wine Donation provides funds to be used
to purchase wine for this year’s Fundraiser Banquet.

cash-donation Cash Donation 
General Fund
Cash donations are used to support all
Central Coast MDF initiatives including, but not
limited to, this year’s Fundraiser Banquet.

Make Your Cash Donation Here