2019 Event Tickets
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Chairman’s Message

DwightOrtmann-articleWelcome Muley Crazy Friends:

It is our pleasure to welcome each of you to our new Central Coast chapter of the Mule Deer Foundations chapter web site. We are excited to offer you for the first time a chapter site that includes a wide array of chapter and National MDF information including information packed pages about your National Mule Deer Foundation, it’s goals, projects, convention along with the many local chapter events, projects and member sections that include, fundraiser information, a member photo section, member stories, an active hunt report area and links to just about any special outdoor hunting need or interest you may have.

We have included past history along with present and future plans the chapter has in store for MDF and our very precious commodity “Mule Deer and Blacktail Deer” Inside the web site are lists of the many projects your donated dollars have been distributed to within California.

Also included in the site will be continually updated information on the state fundraising tags and other amazing donations that will be available at our April 13, 2013 Central Coast MDF Dinner/Fundraiser. Again this year you will find a page within that will allow you to purchase your event tickets and special offers for pre event raffle programs.

We invite you now to take a look inside, surf the site and let us know what you think? This is a member’s site and we ask that you participate through out the year with submission of your hunting photos and stories for all to view. And please make use of the hunt report section that will allow you to keep other chapter members updated on successful and unsuccessful hunts you have participated in. Last but not at all least, please consider volunteering to help with future chapter events or in helping our chapter to secure donations that can be used to better fill our chapter and Nationals project needs.


Dwight Ortmann, Dinner Chairman