2019 Event Tickets
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29th Annual Fundraiser Banquet

Mule Deer Foundation – Central Coast Chapter

April 13, 2019
Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley
1350 N 1st St
San Jose, CA
Events begin at 3pm, Dinner at 5:30pm

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  • Bronze Sponsor – $250
  • Silver Sponsor – $350
  • Gold Sponsor – $500
  • Firearm Donation – $350
  • Wine Donation – $50
  • Cash Donation – in any amount


BronzeSponsorCoin Bronze Sponsor Package – $250
$360 worth General Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets

SilverSponsorCoin Silver Sponsor Package – $350
$560 worth General Raffle Tickets
Three (3) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Silver Progressive Raffle Tickets

GoldSponsorCoin Gold Sponsor Package – $500
$880 worth General Raffle Tickets
Four (4) Bronze Progressive Raffle Tickets
Three (3) Silver Progressive Raffle Tickets
Two (2) Gold Progressive Raffle Tickets

firearm-donation Firearm Donation – $350
Your Firearm Donation provides the funds for
Central Coast MDF to acquire a quality firearm
to be raffled at this year’s Fundraiser Banquet. 

wine-donation Wine Donation – $50 
Your Wine Donation provides funds to be used
to purchase wine for this year’s Fundraiser Banquet.

cash-donation Cash Donation 
General Fund
Cash donations are used to support all
Central Coast MDF initiatives including, but not
limited to, this year’s Fundraiser Banquet.

Make Your Cash Donation Here



Auction Tags & Permits

  • California Grizzly Island Tule Elk Tag
  • Utah Paunsaugunt Deer Tag, Any Weapon
  • Utah Pahvant Prime Season Elk
  • Wyoming Governor’s Shiras Moose Tag
  • Wyoming Governor’s Deer, Elk or Antelope Tag



  • Live & Silent Auctions
  • Over 75 Firearms in General Raffle
  • Progressive Raffles
  • Special Ladies Raffles
  • Fabulous Art
  • Jewelry
  • Furs and More
  • Fun games for all ages
  • Free Shirts to all attendees
  • Largest Youth Raffle in the Bay area
  • Once-in-a-lifetime local and international hunts