2019 Event Tickets
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2017/2018 Dinner/Banquet Donors

Adobe Creek Packing Co, Ken Barr
Alpen Optics, Sherry Garcia
Arrow Five Outfitters
Jeff, Sabrina, Harrison, Natalie, & Skylar Atwood
Stan & Pamela Atwood
Atwood & Associates
Axis Construction, Harlan Krusemark
Bad Boys Bail Bonds
Bansner Custom Rifles, Mark Bansner
Ken Bar
Beals Martin, Dwight & Edie Ortmannr
Black Mountain Properties, Joe Bullock
Joe & Paula Bullock
Tony, Nancy, & Anthony Bullock
Butler Construction, Bill Butler
California Fish & Game
California Outdoor Heritage Association
George Cobb
Don Callahan
Coyote Valley Sporting Clays, Tom Ebert
Mondavi Wyneries, Marc Mondavi
Moss Back Productions, Doyle & Caryn Moss
Mule Deer Foundation
David Green & Sons, Inc.
Munganui Safaris, Matt Hall
Michael, Teri, Mason & Lily Nevis
North American Moose Foundation
Dwight, Edie, Brandon & Jennifer, Ortmann
Amanda Ortmann
Scott, Annette, Christopher & Kendall, Peterson
Rancho Hunting, Alejandro M. Camou
Sonia Chang
Redfern Duck Club, Bill Hedpeth
Sparky’s Rod Shop
Jeff & Cindy Stanley
Sonic Pride Labradors, Kellae Blessing

Frank & Marilyn Dorsa
El Salto, Billy Chapman, Jr
Design Heating and A/C, Dave Agnew
Jim & Tina Marie Schaafsma
Field Of Dreams, Tom Dermondy
Rich Fletcher
Golden Ram Sportsman’s Club, Colin Finn
Hells Canyon Reservoir, Ira Stutzman
Rocky Hill, Rancho La Cuesta
Huli Cat, Tom Mattusch
JJR Construction, JJ Raposo
Ken Kerley
Kerley Sporting Adventures, Mike Kerley
Kerley’s Hunting, Fishing, & Outfitters, Harry Dwyer
Bill, Meg, Mike & Carly Keenan
Jim & Nikki Kerwan
Lali International, Sarah Chong
Liberty Safe, Alan Hills
Makadi Safaris, Diethelm & Kaija Metzger
John, Judy, Taylor & Ryan McGannon
D.H. Smith Family
D.H. Smith Company Inc.
Richard J. Pierce
Jim & Sheryll Tonkin
Trophy Chasers, Don Herrera
Utah Fish & Game
Craig Voyles
West Coast Taxidermy, Ron Gomez
Wildeats, John McGannon
Winterbourne Properties & Investments
Wyoming Fish & Game
Lisa Tea Treasures
Loren McRoberts
Brandon Ewing
Mike & Jamie Susslin

Twenty Plus Year Donor

West Coast Taxidermy

For more than 20 years, award winning wildlife artist Ron Gomez has supported all Wild Life Conservation Organizations. He has generously given the Central Coast Chapter of MDF a $200.00 Gift Certificate for a shoulder mount (or larger) for every one of our big game hunts, including our special youth hunts.

From all of us at Central Coast Mule Deer Foundation, Thank you Ron, for once again stepping up and supporting our efforts.